The @param tag is used to document a single argument of a function or method.


@param [Type] [name] [<description>]


With the @param tag it is possible to document the type and function of a single argument of a function or method. When provided it MUST contain a Type to indicate what is expected; the description on the other hand is OPTIONAL yet RECOMMENDED in case of complicated structures, such as associative arrays.

The @param tag MAY have a multi-line description and does not need explicit delimiting.

It is RECOMMENDED when documenting to use this tag with every function and method. Exceptions to this recommendation are:

This tag MUST NOT occur more than once per argument in a PHPDoc and is limited to Structural Elements of type method or function.

Effects in phpDocumentor

Structural Elements of type method or function, that are tagged with the @param tag, will have additional information in the section regarding Arguments.

If the return Type is a class that is documented by phpDocumentor, then a link to that class' documentation is provided.




 * Counts the number of items in the provided array.
 * @param mixed[] $items Array structure to count the elements of.
 * @return int Returns the number of elements.
function count(array $items)

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