Generating documentation

After you have installed phpDocumentor you can use the phpdoc command to generate your documentation.

Throughout this documentation we expect that the phpdoc command is available; thus whenever we ask you to run a command, it will be in the following form

$ phpdoc

When you have installed a version via composer or manually you should invoke the phpdoc script in the bin folder of your phpDocumentor installation.

Under Linux / MacOSX that would be

$ [PHPDOC_FOLDER]/bin/phpdoc

And under Windows that would be

$ [PHPDOC_FOLDER]\bin\phpdoc.bat

The basic usage of phpDocumentor is to provide an input location using the command line options (-d for a directory, -f for a file) and tell it to output your documentation to a folder of your liking (-t ).

For example:

$ phpdoc run -d ./src -t ./docs/api

What the above example does, is scan all files in the src directory and its subdirectories, perform an analysis and generate a website containing the documentation in the folder docs/api . If you want, you can omit the -t option, in which case the output will be written to a subfolder called output .

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  • Configuration, there are a lot more options to phpDocumentor. To maintain consistent documentation, it is good practice to define them all in a Configuration file and to include that in your project.
  • Running phpDocumentor, there are a ton more options you can add onto the command line; check this out!

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