Hand written documentation

The Guide component was introduced as an experimental feature in phpDocumentor 3.1.
This feature is EXPERIMENTAL. None of the features nor the API should be considered stable and
may change without notice. There is no backwards compatibility promise for this part of the code
as it is highly in development.

PhpDocumentor is focusing on all documentation for your projects. Api docs will give insights on the code base of your project. But it might be hard to an overview of your project's architecture by just looking at the class api's. Or you need a written piece of text to explain a concept of your project, write a user manual. All this extra information is what we call Hand written documentation, or Guides in short.

Guides are documents that belong to your project. and can be writter in ReStucturedText or Markdown. phpDocumentor will render these guides together with your project's class documentation. But is also able to create separate documentation sets for your none-tech readers.

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