Custom Settings

phpDocumentor supports a mechanism to provide free-form settings from the command line using the --setting command line argument. This is primarily used by Writers who could use extra configuration or when we want to use feature flags to toggle experimental features.

Defining custom settings

To define custom settings, a writer needs to extend the WithCustomSettings interface. This interface will tag the writer as supporting custom settings and will allows the ./bin/phpdoc list:settings command to return an overview of its custom settings.

The WithCustomSettings interface will request the Writer to provide all supported settings, with their default values, using the WithCustomSettings::getDefaultSettings() method.


A writer can request its custom settings through the ProjectDescriptor using the following method chain:


This chain will return an array containing all custom settings, including those of other writers, from which the writer can retrieve their own settings.


When the value is a string 'true' or 'false', this will automatically be converted to its boolean counterpart. This is done to prevent mistakes when programming as the strings true and false are not equivalent to the boolean values true and false.

Effects on caching

The settings in the ProjectDescriptor is being watched by phpDocumentor; any change within that structure will force phpDocumentor to purge its cache because it will influence the parsing process. This means then whenever you pass, or omit, a custom setting for the first time; the cache will be flushed.

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