This tag is considered deprecated and support may be removed in a future version of phpDocumentor. It is recommended to use the @package tag's ability to provide multiple levels instead.

The @category tag is used to organize groups of packages together.


@category [description]


The @category tag was meant in the original de-facto Standard to group several Structural Elements by their @package tags into one category. These categories could then be used to aid in the generation of API documentation.

This was necessary since the @package tag, as defined in the original Standard, did not allow for more than one hierarchy level. Since this has changed this tag SHOULD NOT be used.

Please see the documentation for @package for details of its usage.

This tag MUST NOT occur more than once in a DocBlock.

Effects in phpDocumentor

The @category tag has no significant effect in phpDocumentor. It will be shown with the description information of associated Structural Elements and is inherited by classes and interfaces.


 * Page-Level DocBlock
 * @category MyCategory
 * @package  MyPackage

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