This tag is not included in phpDocumentor 3.0 and may be included in a subsequent version.

This definition is not yet official for phpDocumentor 3; slight changes may be made to this definition to match new standards. These changes will however remain compatible with this definition.

The @global tag is used to inform phpDocumentor of a global variable _or_ its usage.


@global [Type] [name] @global [Type] [description]


Since there is no standard way to declare global variables, a @global tag MAY be used in a DocBlock preceding a global variable's definition. To support previous usage of @global, there is an alternate syntax that applies to DocBlocks preceding a function, used to document usage of global variables. in other words, There are two usages of @global: definition and function usage.


The parser WILL NOT attempt to automatically parse out any global variables and only one @global tag MAY be allowed per global variable DocBlock. A global variable DocBlock MUST be followed by the global variable's definition before any other element or DocBlock occurs in the source.

The name MUST be the exact name of the global variable as it is declared in the source (though @name MAY be used to change the name displayed by documentation).

Function usage

The function/method @global syntax MAY be used to document usage of global variables in a function, and MUST NOT have a $ starting the third word. The Type will be ignored if a match is made between the declared global variable and a variable documented in the project.

A parser SHOULD display the optional description unmodified.


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