This tag is considered deprecated and support may be removed in a future version of phpDocumentor. It is recommended to use the @package tag's ability to provide multiple levels instead.

The @subpackage tag is used to categorize Structural Elements into logical subdivisions.


@subpackage [name]


The @subpackage tag can be used as a counterpart or supplement to Namespaces. Namespaces provide a functional subdivision of Structural Elements where the @subpackage tag can provide a logical subdivision in which way the elements can be grouped with a different hierarchy.

If, across the board, both logical and functional subdivisions are equal, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use the @subpackage tag to prevent maintenance overhead.

The @subpackage tag MUST only be used in a select set of DocBlocks, as is described in the documentation for the @package tag. It MUST also accompany a @package tag and may occur only once per DocBlock.

This tag is considered superseded by the support for multiple levels in the @package tag and is as such considered deprecated.

Effects in phpDocumentor

Structural Elements tagged with the @subpackage tag are grouped and organized in their own sidebar section.


 * @package PSR
 * @subpackage Documentation\API

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