The @throws tag is used to indicate whether Structural Elements throw a specific type of Throwable (exception or error).


@throws [Type] [<description>]


The @throws tag MAY be used to indicate that Structural Elements throw a specific type of error.

The Type provided with this tag MUST represent an object that implements the Throwable interface, such as an Error, Exception or any subclass thereof.

This tag is used to present in your documentation which error COULD occur and under which circumstances. It is RECOMMENDED to provide a description that describes the reason an exception is thrown.

It is also RECOMMENDED that this tag occurs for every occurrence of an exception, even if it has the same type. By documenting every occurrence a detailed view is created and the consumer knows for which errors to check.

Effects in phpDocumentor

PhpDocumentor shows a listing of errors thrown by the documented element and allows readers to click-through to the given exception type if it is present in the project.


 * Counts the number of items in the provided array.
 * @param mixed[] $array Array structure to count the elements of.
 * @throws InvalidArgumentException if the provided argument is
 *                                  not of type 'array'.
 * @return int Returns the number of elements.
function count($items)

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