@uses & @used-by

The @uses tag indicates a reference to (and from) a single associated Structural Elements.


@uses [FQSEN] [<description>]


The @uses tag is used to describe a consuming relation between the current element and any other of the Structural Elements.

@uses is similar to @see (see the documentation for @see for details on format and structure). The @uses tag differs from @see in that @see is a one-way link, meaning the documentation containing a @see tag contains a link to other Structural Elements or URIs but no link back is implied.

Documentation generators SHOULD create a @used-by tag in the documentation of the receiving element that links back to the element associated with the @uses tag.

When defining a reference to another Structural Elements you can refer to a specific element by providing the FQSEN.

The @uses tag COULD have a description appended to provide more information regarding the usage of the destination element.

Effects in phpDocumentor

Structural Elements tagged with the @uses tag will show a link in their description. If a description is provided with the tag then this will be shown as additional information.

In addition, phpDocumentor generates a @used-by tag with the receiving element (if documented) referring back to the calling element.


 * @uses MyClass::$items to retrieve the count from.
 * @return integer Indicates the number of items.
function count()

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