The @version tag is used to denote the current version of Structural Elements .


@version [<Semantic Version>] [<description>]


The @version tag can be used to indicate the current "version" of Structural Elements .

This information can be used to generate a set of API Documentation where the consumer is informed about elements at a particular version.

It is RECOMMENDED that the version number matches a semantic version number as described in the Semantic Versioning Standard version 2.0.

Version vectors from Version Control Systems are also supported, though they MUST follow the form:

name-of-vcs: $vector$

A description MAY be provided, for the purpose of communicating any additional version-specific information.

The @version tag MAY NOT be used to show the last modified or introduction version of an element, the @since tag SHOULD be used for that purpose.

Effects in phpDocumentor

phpDocumentor shows the version information with the documented element.


 * @version 1.0.1
class Counter

 * @version GIT: $Id$ In development. Very unstable.
 *          (custom Git-based replacement keyword)
 * @version @package_version@
 *          (this PEAR replacement keyword expands upon package installation)
 * @version $Id$
 *          (this CVS keyword expands to show the CVS file revision number)
class NeoCounter

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