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src/phpDocumentor/Compiler/Linker/Linker.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Compiler/Pass/NamespaceTreeBuilder.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/ArgumentDescriptor.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/Builder/Reflector/FunctionAssembler.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/Builder/Reflector/Tags/MethodAssembler.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/FileDescriptor.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/IsTyped.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/ProjectDescriptorBuilder.php 3
src/phpDocumentor/Descriptor/Traits/HasProperties.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Guides/Handlers/RenderHandler.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Pipeline/Stage/Transform.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Transformer/Writer/RenderGuide.php 1
src/phpDocumentor/Transformer/Writer/Twig.php 1


Type Line Description
TODO 233 Can we find another solution for this?


Type Line Description
TODO 88 find out why this can happen. Some bug in the assembler?


Type Line Description
TODO 39 Apparently, in our Mario's example this can be null. But that is weird. Investigate this after


Type Line Description
TODO 73 this looks like a potential bug. Have to investigate this!


Type Line Description
TODO 45 Uncomment this line as soon as DocBlockReflection 5.4 is released and included


Type Line Description
TODO 313 This is an item that needs to be done.


Type Line Description
TODO 37 update link to point to the final destination for the PHPDoc Standard.


Type Line Description
TODO 165 Any change in the API Specification compared to a previous (cached) run should invalidate that cache.
TODO 168 The setVisibility call should purge the cache; but once we are here, cache has already been loaded..
TODO 182 This call should purge the cache; but once we are here, cache has already been loaded..


Type Line Description
TODO 54 check whether this function works properly, the business logic feels off somehow


Type Line Description
TODO 58 This is a hack; I want to rework path handling for guides as the Environment, for example,


Type Line Description
TODO 157 the guides to need this, can we get rid of these lines?


Type Line Description
TODO 87 Extract this, as this code is duplicated


Type Line Description
TODO 212 replace env with origin filesystem, as this will help us to copy assets.

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